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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY


You don’t want to be defined by your circumstances. You want to live your life to the fullest regardless of the circumstances that brought you to this point. You want to see the events from your past as gifts from life, your tools for adventure.

This life is your adventure. The people in it are your life companions.


This day is your prelude to seeing your life truly as it is. To notice its subtle shimmer awaiting exploration.

Today is the time to speak the truth with kindness, count all your blessings and be your own cheer squad.  To declare ALL that you truly are, instead of whimpering about all that you want.

Today is the day of connection with your own blessings, experiences and possibilities.

Move your feet, speak your truth, listen with your heart – do it all with a purpose that serves you and connects you to your life.

Be yourself and smile, feel it exploding in your heart, allowing your eyes to see the truth of the world, your world, your life.

Be daring in recognizing all that you are – your own greatness which reaches beyond your circumstances.


Watch others without greed or jealousy but filled with kindness: you are them and they are you.

Right now – is a moment of endless possibilities, filled with warm embraces and kind words.  The past is gone, the future is not here yet.

It’s a moment of old awakenings and new purpose.

It’s a moment of appreciation and gratitude and love. The kind of love and connection that until this morning, you thought only belonged to others (or so you thought).

And from now on, your life will never be the same, because you know the truth and what you know cannot be unknown.

You know now that the connections, the adventures are all there for immersion, for inclusion. You now recognize this. You now see that the reality is of your own choosing.  You now choose with love in your heart, smile on your face, kindness in your voice.


The light in your life is forever changed. Your life is illuminated by truth, which contains love & connection & fullness of meaning.

In love & light,


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join our global village of illuminated souls