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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY


My illuminated soul is what I am and what we all are when we choose to live with our own heart’s purpose, when we choose love and light over fear and sorrow.


My journey toward my illuminated soul included:

The hardship…

MIS_bullet_goldheart Continuously placing myself in situations where I had to be strong, yet not knowing that I could choose bliss.
MIS_bullet_goldheart Living life where personal accomplishment was my sole goal, looking down upon those who could not keep up. Now I find peace in being, rather than doing (yet I’m still a doer at heart).
MIS_bullet_goldheart There was a time when all that I wanted I worked hard for and got, yet I lost what I was yet to discover I even had – my soul.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I have known some dark days, days of separation and disconnection, as fear entered my mind. It was only when I realised there was help, that I admitted to my despair.

The Joy…

MIS_bullet_goldheart My darkness turned to light as I learned more about my connection to the universe and to life, it has become truly magnificent and sweet.
MIS_bullet_goldheart Experience has taught me to make the most of life and learn to accept death.
MIS_bullet_goldheart Each day I’m grateful for life, which I fill with absolute appreciation for every single precious moment and making most of my time here in this life.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I now have the courage to express the real truth, allow my soul to illuminate my whole life.
MIS_bullet_goldheart Having lived in both the north and south hemisphere, I see the world with a sense of adventure and connection.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I know the importance of grounding, forgiveness, slowing down.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I love being my perfectly imperfect self, accepting my life circumstances and decisions as life blessings.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I’m continually learning to came back to myself, come back to love, connecting with my life.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I now know that love does not need to be earned, that happiness is our birthright.
MIS_bullet_goldheart I’m sure that life is here to be lived in connection with others, sharing bliss and ease.


What I know now is that there is no event, no moment, no person that does not inspire me, that does not contribute joy and love to my life.   It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to travel this world; to see life in all it’s glorious examples.

Armed with all the joy, and all the sorrow, having already lived 3 lifetimes in this single life I offer you myself, my life and my illuminated soul.

Now is the time for you to choose to change your life by aligning with your own illuminated soul. I’m here to hear you, guide you and cheer you on.  If you are ready to reveal your own light, discover what really matters and celebrate connection to life then I would love to guide you there.

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join our global village of illuminated souls