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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY


To me, coaching is not about preaching or knowing all the answers.

Coaching means uncovering all that is already there, yet has not been given permission to come to the surface.

Discovering the light in the darkness is my personal power, my quiet strength. I’m certain of light’s presence.

No matter the difficulty of any situation, despite the external circumstances.

This light that illuminates the world is not based on empty optimism or fear; it is deeply powerful, contains infinite wisdom and selfless love.

In this your own light, you will find love, peace, acceptance, clarity, wisdom, faith and hope.

Our coaching sessions will allow you to shine with your own light, and illuminate the world with it.


By shining light onto each corner of your life, your true reality is revealed – that life is joy, harmony and peace.



I do not guarantee the happy ending that the Hollywood movies force us to believe as the ultimate truth.  Instead I offer you an insight into yourself, in search for your soul and your life’s purpose.
Know and believe that you are not here on this earth to be hurt and to suffer.

olga-2You are here to realise your true potential and live in bliss.  It’s time to shine the light on all those dark corners of your past that keep you confined, stifled and living by someone else’s rules.

Now is the time to be you, the real you, to be in your light and the world’s light simultaneously. To connect to your own illuminated soul and be at peace, lack nothing; strive for nothing, be clear in your action or inaction.


As an internationally certified life coach, a life traveller and light-seeker, I have the right tools to guide and support you through this journey.  I’m here to light your way so that you can discover what really matters.

Have you got any questions?

Then email me or book a complementary session to see if coaching with me is right for you.

Coaching – how it works

So now you know a little about me and what coaching means to me, I’d love to get to know you so I can understand what you need most. Getting to know your heart’s desires is the first part of the process.

In order to get the most out our complementary session, our journey together begins with a questionnaire. Taking time to answer a few essential questions can really help me understand where you are right now, and where your soul is trying to lead you.

Click here for the questionnaire.

It’s a big step, and you did it, you have finally sent your thoughts and feelings into the world. It means that you are ready to live your life in line with your heart. Congratulations, you have just made the choice to reach out and start your incredible journey.

After I review the answers, insights, hopes and dreams that you shared with me, we go to the next step.

We schedule our complimentary 30 minute Skype session to see if we are a great fit.

Next, if our souls align and we both want to wok together, we shall book your sessions.

I shall then send you the coaching agreement which you then sign and return to me.

Once the agreement is signed and returned, I send you a link in which you are able to make your first payment.


Coaching options:

SINGLE “Allow your soul to speak” SESSION

1 session only (90 minutes)

Unlimited email support for 2 weeks after the session

Available in person, via phone or Skype

Investment upfront $120.00


“Connect to your life and don’t let go” ACCOUNTABILITY SERIES

 2 x 15 minute fortnightly calls

Exercises and resources every fortnight

2# exercises per month sent to your inbox

2# resources per month sent to your inbox (video, blogs, etc)

Available via phone or Skype

Investment $ 60.00 per month


3 SESSION “Explore your life connection” COACHING SERIES*

3 sessions over 6 weeks x 60 mins

Exercises and resources every week

Unlimited email support between sessions

Available in person, via phone or Skype

Investment upfront $320.00


6 SESSION “Discover your own inner light” COACHING SERIES*

6 sessions over 12 weeks x 60 mins

Exercises and resources every fortnight

Unlimited email support between sessions

Available in person, via phone or Skype

Investment upfront $590.00



*For 3 and 6 month series payments can be split into 2 payments over 2 months. Please Note: Full, upfront payments for 3 or 6 months series will attract a 5% discount.

I am so excited to work together, and you are ready to commence illuminating your journey.


join our global village of illuminated souls