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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY



My dear community of illuminated souls, welcome to a brand new day full of opportunities for gratitude.

If you are having a hard day, please remember that no one ever said life was mean to be easy … but it ‘s meant to be lived.

Life is a miracle; life is a blessing.

If that’s not your reality, inject some truth into each day in the form of gratitude.

I used to struggle, asking each day why life did not treat me well. I saw myself as a good person, deserving boundless blessings. That was the truth, as we all deserve to feel glorious in our lives. Yet by being caught in my life’s misfortune and the unending efforts to force improvement I forgot to be grateful. I was so busy implementing the next life-improvement-scheme that I did not stop and acknowledge my many good fortunes.

Yes, my life has many obstacles but I am loved, appreciated and respected. I am also surrounded by people who care that I am well, who think of me and enjoy my presence. I also have someone, many someones, who allow me into their lives, into their hearts.
All our life connections deserve our gratitude – family, friends, workmates, the people who get up each morning to bake our bread, teach our children, those who smile at us without reason.

Gratitude has removed many self-imposed blockages from my life; it has dissolved many walls of distrust.


Gratitude has allowed me to love life just as it is, to find joy in sadness and forgiveness for my many mistakes.

Without a sense of thankfulness life is bland; it is a search for the next thing, the next short-lived satisfaction. We all know this well; we have all been caught up in the search for the soul-soothing elixir. Yet there is no reason to search, because there is nothing to find.

The power to be finally fulfilled can only be found within.

It’s gratitude that opens our hearts to the reality of true love within the daily routine. It’s gratitude that guides us from being lost and confused to being here and now and so very happy.
So today, from the bottom of my heart and in alignment with my sense of gratitude, I invite you to join me and many other illuminated souls to stop just for a little while, to connect to all that is in your life and allow your heart to sing in gratitude.
I look forward to hearing what shifts gratitude is bringing into your life, so please contact me.

MIS_bullet_goldheart Allow gratitude to  heal your heart and your soul to illuminate your life.MIS_bullet_goldheart

In love and light,


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