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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY

A miracle filled life

A miracle filled life

We have all heard of stories about miracles, right? Usually they come in a book format, with lots of colourful pictures and a “they lived happily ever after” ending.

But we are grown ups and realists and living in the 21st century and we know that miracles are ancient folk tales, not the truth of our daily life.

But what if…

What if we were all miracle workers?
What if we already knew how to make miracles happen yet were too scarred of the power of transformation?
What if what was holding us back was not powerlessness but fear of transformative change?

And what if …
We let go of all judgements and fears, just put them to the side and instead embraced the tools for a miracle filled life?

We all have the tools to transform our lives, we have always had them.

Forgiveness and gratitude are the tools for a miracle filled life.


Are you still doubting in miracles?

Close your eyes and look back into the time that you forgave either yourself or another. Can you feel the melting into joy? The freedom of being containing endless possibilities? Can you see how true forgiveness (accepting the humanity of making a mistake and letting it go) allows you to open a door to a future that you truly desire? A future of endless possibilities, connection and joy. Isn’t that future a miracle?


You have the tools to make miracles.

Embrace forgiveness of perfectly-imperfect humanity and fall into the warm embrace of life connection.

Forgiveness allows for a brand new day, to offload all heaviness and be in joy.


And that is a miracle.

But you want more. Yes, I understand. You want to know that all that pain, strain and discomfort was not for vain. Right?

It’s time to embrace gratitude, your second miracle making tool.

Gratitude changes our perception from being a victim to being empowered.


No longer at the mercy of seemingly random life events causing us to feel disconnected, gratitude bridges the gap between random events and life lessons.

Being grateful guides us towards understanding our life lessons and in turn showering with the gifts of a light heart and absolute joy.

Gratitude turns each moment into Christmas & birthday rolled into one as it gifts meaning and connection to all that is, taking us beyond all that we have known and into all that is possible.

Is a brand new, unrestrained moment not a miracle?

Is the knowledge of endless possibilities not a miracle awaiting action?

Embrace forgiveness and gratitude, weave them into your daily life and all miracles will be yours.

I would love to hear how your life is transformed by forgiveness and gratitude, so please leave your comments below.

In love and light,

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