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“You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your way can illuminate the world” - OPRAH WINFREY

My evening with Oprah

My evening with Oprah

Last week was my evening with Oprah, a lady I have never looked up to but someone whose life journey & awareness I find so intriguing.  Oprah came to us to speak without preaching, to use her life learnings to highlight the must do’s for a connected life.

Oprah’s story is unique and at its heart, it’s one of a little girl whose upbringing was based on a solid connection to God, a girl who believed that Jesus was her brother.  This foundation, and her continual faith in it – despite life’s circumstances- is the thread that connects Oprah’s life events.

Oprah has experienced difficulties during the defining years of her childhood (abandonment, abuse, death), which could have been the cause of her undoing – the reason for giving up, resentment and wall building for protection to keep herself safe.  Yet Oprah did none of these and as such her life flourished. She continued to have unwavering certainty in God’s presence, guidance and her own defiance to not to subscribe to self-limiting beliefs.

Oprah is a woman whose life is her spiritual practice, and uses each experience to observe, listen and learn.  There seem to be no random events in her life, and that’s because she pays attention. For someone who speaks so much, she certainly listens more. She listens to the life around her and within her – this allows her to remain authentically herself.

Oprah came from a community that was restricted, poor and oppressed but one that was authentic and loudly rejoicing in God’s many blessings. It’s this baseline that continues to reverberate as her life continues and as her life experiences pushed her along many avenues.  Yet it’s those same experiences that always taught her to come back to herself…to always come back to herself – to lean in and listen, to acknowledge, to let go, to find strength which has led her to her own authentic power.  The time taken for reflection about her life, and connection with God and her own intuition ensures that she truly is “the master of my fate…the captain of my soul” (Invictus).

When Oprah speaks there is no hint of regret or resentment about the wrongdoings done to her. She also does not try to raise above us mere mortals going to work 9-5. Oprah is a presence in her own life, and she encourages us all to do the same – to find depth in gratitude for the gift of this very day.

We all grew up with Oprah in our peripheral vision; she was the loud lady of TV giving away cars in a show that lasted longer than most of our friendships. She was the one that I watched when I was sick and home from school; she was the one that I could not relate to.

Yet Oprah grew up and so did I.

Oprah dared to ask questions which were bigger than life and bring forth the right people to try to provide some insight. I started asking my own questions and appreciated her being a vessel for knowledge. She brought grand books into my bookcase, ones containing so much greatness, which I’m still allowing to seep into my being. She introduced me to people – ones which I actually got to hear in person over the past 12 months: Eckhart Tolle, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamston with Deepak Chopra still to come.

It’s because of Oprah’s thirst for knowledge, honouring her own curiosity and faith in sharing her purpose with the world that she has touched my heart and that of many. She is ageless, because she knows that whatever happened to her, happened for her.

Oprah does not ask us to love her, or even like her. She encourages us to be the presence in our own lives, to be our own authentic power and that is more generous and noble than a gift of a car.

What do you want?

Spiritual practice -to honour yourself

Honour your curiosity and it will lead u to your passion

Legacy is every heart that u touch

She’s ageless

Please yourself authentically



Knowing what doesn’t work is really good information

Purpose is to be shared

Did u hear me and sis what I say mean anything to u


Be responsible for he energy u bring into this space

U have no power in no other field but your own so focus power on own

Love is reverence for own life and that of others


Directional with a purpose

Life is teCjing you in trials


Surrender not being attached to circumstances (different to giving up) after everything il that can be done is


Gratitude-allow to see what is

Whatever happened to you happened for you

Strength x strength = power


Did not subscribe to self limiting beliefs


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